Two of our luxury lodges, The Outpost and Pel’s Post, are situated high on a hill overlooking the Luvuvhu River Valley in the wildest and most remote part of the Kruger National Park – the 24 000ha Big Five Makuleke Contractual Park. This vast and remote wilderness is bordered to the north by the Limpopo River and Zimbabwe and to the east by Crooks Corner and Mozambique. It’s a treasure trove of natural wonders, some of which can only be reached on foot. Enter, the walking safari.

While any safari in South Africa is a magical experience, if you truly want to experience the bushveld and get an unparalleled perspective, go on foot. The Outpost and Pel’s Post are famous for their specialist walking safaris, which are unlike any other safari activity and will let you experience the magnificent surroundings in a truly unique way.

The sound of silence…

A walking safari is a great idea for those wanting to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of the bush up close and personal. Perhaps, its greatest advantage is the silence. Without the distraction and noise of vehicle engines, the sounds of the bush will be clear as day. From the chirping of insects to the cries of nearby birds and animals – you can hear how alive the bush really is.

The silence also offers one other big advantage: stealth. You will be able to get up close and personal with the wildlife without disturbing their activities. Our region is home to over 300 species of birds and given how easily birds are disturbed and likely to fly away, birding is best experienced on foot too.


On foot you truly become part of your surroundings. You lose that feeling of detachment that comes from sitting in the back of a game vehicle. You will really be able to notice the smaller things around you as you walk on the same land that these African species call home. You will learn about the local flora – tasting, smelling and touching some of the plants that locals have used for centuries and you’ll track the footprints of leopards, hyenas and other wildlife. As our field guide, Garry, points out:

“Safari by vehicle is like watching the movie, but safari on foot is like reading the book.”

We also offers guests a meditative walking safari experience known as a Zen guided walk. The walk is carried out in silence, which allows guests to fully immerse themselves into the surrounds, engage all of the senses and be one with nature. In our age of noise and distractions, quietening the mind like this can be a very refreshing and healing experience.


We are one of only three concessionaires within the Makuleke Contractual Park in northern Kruger. This remote 24 000 hectare concession is the largest and most biodiverse in the Kruger National Park. As much as 80% of Kruger’s total biodiversity occurs here in an area only slightly more than 2% of its total size. Within the area lie two rivers which are hugged by some of the largest fever tree forests in the world and sandstone gorges, such as Lanner Gorge, dotted with thousand year old baobab trees and wide open flood plains, great for spectacular wildlife sightings, especially when experienced on foot.

Keen to join us at The Outpost or Pel’s Post? Walking safaris are offered all year round but winter is arguably the best time to as it’s not as hot and the vegetation is less dense, allowing for better wildlife sightings. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We are here to help.