Winter in South Africa is a wonderful time of year to visit the bush. The weather is dry, the vegetation opens up allowing for easy game-viewing, the resident birds are at their most active and the sunrises and sunsets are even more spectacular. Read on for our top five reasons to go on safari in winter.


The winter months bring a cooler, drier and less humid climate. Daytime temperatures are pleasant sitting in the mid-20s with blue skies and glorious sunshine. However, the temperatures at dawn and dusk are chilly and range from 5–13°C, so it is important to pack warm layers. Don’t worry too much though – we will make sure you are kitted out with hot water bottles and blankets for your morning and evening game drives.


There is very little rain during the winter months, with drought dominating the season. The bush dries back, the grass becomes low and the trees become sparse making it easier to spot game – this is the best season for walking safaris. In addition, as the rain dissipates, watering spots become a hive of activity in the mornings and evenings, providing wonderful game and bird viewing opportunities. Plus, winter is often the best time of year for leopard sightings!


All of our game lodges are centered around cosy and inviting lounge areas where the fire crackles throughout winter. They’re the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea, put your feet up during your downtime between game drives, or sip on after-dinner nightcap. Trust us when we say that after a day of game viewing it’s difficult to beat an evening spent alongside a roaring fire, chatting about the day’s sightings and sharing stories over a big glass of red.


One of the most spectacular sights of all is the African night sky, offering some of the best stargazing in the world and, during winter, the night skies are especially clear and with breathtaking views of the Milky Way! Even the moon looks brighter during this time of year.


All of the Southern African, non-migratory eagles breed in the winter and during the winter period an increase in the activity of resident raptors can be seen as these birds court, mate and build nests. Added bonus, the bare winter trees make it easier to identify and photograph birds in winter.

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