A place where your first greeting of the day comes from loitering dassies and lively spurfowls; where the sun sluggishly creeps above the Luvuvhu river, painting the horizon as it ascends. A place where the crisp autumn mornings are alive with the scents of damp grass, wild sage and elephant dung – all the good stuff. A place that allows the soul to rest, reconnect and recharge. This is Northern Kruger – a paradise found and home to The Outpost Lodge and Pel’s Post. Field Guide, Kerry-Lee Roberg, shares this special part of the world with us, through her eyes.

“I was first introduced to this small piece of paradise about five years ago whilst training through EcoTraining. Hugged by the Limpopo river to the north and the Luvuvhu river to the south, it is an area I was immediately captivated by and, after a few years of exploring elsewhere, I could think of no better place to call home than Northern Kruger. I have hosted guests who have frequented this area of the Kruger National Park many times and yet, every time, they are absolutely amazed by the unique, unbeatable beauty it has to offer.

Up in the north there is a definite change of pace, if you have visited other Big Five areas you may know game drives to be jam-packed and rather fast paced – ticking animals off your list as you go. The Pafuri region offers a vastly different experience – where game drives are about so much more. The area is vast and vehicle density is low, which means the chances of bumping into other vehicles whilst out on a drive are pretty slim and time is given to acknowledge all aspects of the bush, which includes vegetation, birds and mammals. Some drive routes may be slightly quieter in terms of ‘big game’ but this should not be a concern as you will be mesmerised by some of the most jaw-dropping scenery you have ever encountered.

The list of spots to visit are endless. However, some of the more notable areas include the majestic Lanner Gorge, which boasts 360 degree views high above the Luvuvhu river; Crook’s Corner, alongside the mighty Limpopo river – a spot rich in history with many stories to tell; the spectacular Fever Tree Forest and the collection of various floodplains we are blessed with here – all bustling with life and activity. Roads on the concession are private and only accessible by concessionaires – so as you stand sipping your coffee surrounded by golden fever trees or sipping a sundowner while you take in the magnificence of Lanner Gorge the knowledge that very few people on this earth have seen what is before you is truly poignant.

If you are a sucker for a sensory experience, then that may just be another reason to venture up north. Hippos are often heard along the rivers and birdsong constantly fills the fresh air. The cry of the African fish eagle is heard daily, along with the protesting baboons. It is difficult to put the unmatched beauty of this special wedge of earth into words but if you find yourself looking for a unique and fulfilling experience then The Outpost and its surroundings should certainly be top of the list.”

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Photographs by Kerry-Lee Roberg.