The Outpost and Pel’s Post lie in the Makuleke Contractual Park, a vast and remote wilderness of approximately 26 500 hectares in the north of the Kruger National Park. This area is home to the magnificent Lanner Gorge, a natural wonder and one of the most dramatic viewpoints in the whole of Kruger.


The Luvuvhu River eroded its course through sandstone and shale over millions of years to form Lanner Gorge. Today, the narrow gorge is roughly 11km long and more than 150m deep at some points. It is still actively being eroded as seen by the many fallen boulders and trees that are frequently found in the river bed. The precise age of the gorge is unknown, however Early Stone Age remains are absent from the area but dinosaur fossils have been found in the cliff walls, which leads experts to believe that the gorge may have been carved out over the last 2 million years.


Crocodiles, hippos, rock hyraxes, baboons and even leopards can be spotted within the gorge. Larger game, like elephant and buffalo, can be found at either end of the gorge but aren’t able to access the central part due the steep walls that smaller animals are able to traverse more easily. The region is also well known for its abundant birdlife, including an array of raptors like the Black Eagle and Lanner Falcon – after which the gorge is named, as they love to nest in the cliffs high above the river.


Lanner Gorge is one of our favourite spots for sundowners, the magnificent view from the vantage point at the top commands you to stop and stare and offers sweeping vistas of northern Kruger. Soak up the last rays of the day here in the best possible way – with a drink in hand and snacks at the ready.

Join us at The Outpost Lodge or Pel’s Post and experience Lanner Gorge for yourself.  Nothing excites us more than sharing this world with our wonderful guests, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We are here to help.