The summer months in Kruger bring soaring temperatures, full waterholes and river beds, as well as newborn life. The first rains have officially fallen and we are lucky to be able to witness the dry, dusty landscape transform before our eyes into a lush wilderness. Chanyn-Lee Zeelie, one of our expert field guides at The Outpost, shares what we have to look forward to during the next few months – from blooming baobabs and brilliant birdlife to the awakening of our tortoises and terrapins and so much more.


The winter dust has settled and the dry landscape is transforming into a wild wonderland. The scenery at this time of year is stunning – our famous baobabs are dressed in all-new foliage and flowers, the Mopane Trees have sprouted their bright, green butterfly leaves and essential grass has started to shoot up from the barren terrain. 


Birdlife is booming with summer migrants like the Woodland Kingfisher, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Violet-backed Starling and more returning to the area to breed. Our evenings are filled with the calls of a variety of frog species such as the Plain Grass Frog, Banded Rubber Frog and the Flat-backed Toad. Dung beetles have been entertaining our guides and guests as they roll their dung balls across all sorts of terrain and even shielded reptiles such as tortoises and terrapins have started appearing out of nowhere now that water is readily available. The impalas start to drop their lambs from late November and the baboons and monkeys are running around with newborns too.


Besides the enchanting summer sounds of the bush, the scent of approaching rain and fields of flowers make for an amazing sensory nature experience. Our expert field guides will point out certain plants with edible and delicious fruits such as the Marula Tree or Sour Plum for guests to taste. The excitement in the bush is building as we progress further and further into the festive season. We can’t wait to see what happens next…

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